Pulse Project: A Dance Research Experience


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Rethink everything you know about pulse diagnosis and earn 25 CEU credits at this unique and engaging weekend workshop.

Friday, March 8th: 1p to 9p
Saturday, March 9th: 9a to 9p
Sunday, March 10th: 7a to 6p

There will be numerous breaks throughout the day.
Workshop be held in two locations in San Rafael, California.

During the workshop, you will experience each of the 30 individual pulses plus numerous double and triplet relevant clinical combinations, which are demonstrated and then practiced as a full-body kinesthetic movement that shows the brain clearly what the fingertips are feeling.

There will also be a literature survey of traditional Chinese pulse palpation, including Huángdì Nèijīng (黃帝內經 - The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic), the Nán Jīng (難經 - Classic of Difficult Issues), Mài Jīng (脈經 - Pulse Classic), and the works ofLǐ Shízhēn (李時珍), most famous for his 1578 Compendium of Materia Medica.

You will learn precise and clear operational details for each of the pulses, which can then be reliably replicated in your practice.

Within 14 days after attending the workshop, you will be asked to take the pulses of 5 different people, write a description of the pulses, and then video yourself with a smartphone interpreting the pulses according to the methodology learned in the workshop. This workshop is approved by the California Acupuncture Board and is Category 1.

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce a completely new pedagogy to expedite the teaching and learning of traditional pulse taking. We have translated the 30 different classical pulses into individual full body choreographed dance movements.

What our research has shown is that if you can feel in your body the individual classically described and defined pulse movements, then this feeling significantly informs your fingertips to better feel the radial artery pulses as well.

There is very little modern evidence showing the reliability of TCM pulse diagnosis. Nonetheless, it is widely believed to offer important diagnostic information. The overall teaching and discussion regarding TCM pulse diagnosis is largely a commentary on what the various pulses mean clinically. The current study of traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis appears to be largely a significant didactic memorization effort that involves more than 30 individual pulse descriptions and their attributes plus multiple hundreds of possible clinically relevant combinations of those pulses and their associated diseases and patterns.

Even though the student may memorize all the classical pulses and what they mean, the disconcerting observation remains that the majority of practitioners cannot actually reliably or successfully tactilely differentiate the pulses at all. What a patient’s pulses mean is not useful if the practitioner cannot consistently, reliably, and reproducibly “feel” the pulses to begin with.

It has been a long time concern of many TCM students and practitioners worldwide that as fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine diagnostics that pulse taking in the clinical setting is, it is nonetheless insufficiently taught, leaving students and practitioners feeling a lack of confidence in their ability to use it successfully in their clinical practice.

The problem is not so much in the didactics of what the different pulses mean clinically but rather a practitioner's ability to tactilely feel and differentiate the different pulses in the first place. This workshop will focus on directly addressing this problem.

This is a dance class, but does not require any kind of dance background whatsoever. All that's required is that your current physical fitness level allows you to comfortably be physically moving with easy to moderate intensity throughout the weekend.

The leader for this workshop will be Michael Broffman, LAc, the Founder and Clinical Director of the Pine Street Clinic.

The movement portion of the workshop will be led by Casey Lee Thorne. Click here for more information about her.

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