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About Our Store

Our store is the practical focus for our vision of a new kind of health care. Do you need an unusual herb or a formulation made to order? Come see our unique products or drop us your prescription and let us put together your custom order. Tired of huge stores with too many labels and too little help? Convenience and a knowledgeable staff focused on your satisfaction make shopping with us a pleasure. We believe the highest aspiration of medicine is to help people where they live with a creative and dynamic blend of the best products available.


If we don’t stock an item, we’ll do our best to track down a source for you. We pride ourselves on being a boon to busy people…whether it’s a product, health information from the internet, or the name of a trustworthy health care provider, we’ll help you find it. Just contact us.

All items in our catalog have been researched and reviewed by experienced integrative medical practitioners. We tend to carry items that you can’t easily find at a local health food store and stock products according to seasonal needs. With us, you will often find products one or two years before they become popular and well known. Healthcare is about possibilities, not probabilities, so we are constantly on the lookout for new products, no matter their source or their age. For example, we offer natural products that are scientifically standardized and manufactured for improved absorption and we choose such products based on the latest research, the practical experience of customers, and the insights of practicing clinical specialists.

Please contact us if you have any questions.