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Triple Mushroom Capsules (100 Capsules)

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This combination of Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms used in this formula have been extracted together for optimal efficacy. These capsules are made entirely from full spectrum herb extract.

Chinese Name 雙茸靈芝 - 膠囊 (Shuāng rōng língzhī - jiāonáng)
Other Names Reishi, Maitake & Shiitake Capsules
Ingredients (Pin Yin) Ling zhi, Hui shu hua, Xiang gu
Ingredients (Botanical) Ganoderma lucidum sporophore, Grifola frondosa sporophore, Lentinula edodes sporophore
Other Ingredients (Botanical) Vegetarian capsule (modified vegetable cellulose, water), Dextrin, Magnesium stearate
Allergen Information ALLERGEN
Contraindications (on label) CONTRAINDICATIONS
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