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Elastoplast ABC Heat Plaster (22cm x 14cm)

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NOTE: You may receive either the German or Australian version of this product depending on availability. The products are identical and both made by Beiersdorf.

ABC Heat Plasters provides sustained intense heat, while blocking the transmission of pain signals. It has a secure adhesive back and is ideal for use as a source of intensive, long-lasting relief from lower back pain.

The effective ingredient for the heat produced is capsaicin, which is extracted from chilies.

The ABC Heat Plaster is available in one size but can be cut to fit the affected area.

Ingredients: Soft extract of cayenne pepper corresponding to 11 mg capsaicinoids, calculated as capsaicin.

How to use:

Step 1: After removing the backing paper, apply the plaster on dry skin directly over the affected area.

Step 2: Press firmly and smooth down. Ensure that the entire area is covered. If required, the plaster can be cut down to size.

For external use only.

SKU EP20001