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Ultra Cordyceps Plus (60 Capsules)

This formula has been replaced by Ultra Cordyceps.
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Cordyceps is a powder made from the ‘Chinese Caterpillar Fungus’ Cordyceps sinensis — a mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine. Among the compounds in this powder are certain polysaccharides that appear to account for its pharmacological effects.

Traditionally Cordyceps was used to treat tuberculosis, coughing, anemia, and back and knee pains. Today it is mainly used to increase strength, to recover after a serious injury, and to reduce stress.

The use of this fungus was relatively unknown in the West until 1993, when it was credited for the success of Chinese women athletes at the National Games. Since then Cordyceps has been widely used to enhance athletic performance and to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Recent laboratory work has shown that polysaccharides from the fungus increase the activities of glucose-processing enzymes in the liver, resulting in an increased ATP/inorganic phosphate ratio — a measure of muscular energy availability.

Extracts of Cordyceps sinensis also have antioxidant and anti-peroxidation activities that may be the reason why, in clinical studies, these extracts prevented cholesterol deposition in the aorta, relaxed the vasculature, and reduced excessive blood pressure.

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