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CureMatch Report

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CureMatch provides oncologists with clear, accessible, predictive treatment analysis to equip them with actionable knowledge tailored for each unique case.

It could take days for your oncologist to sort through hundreds of combinations of FDA-approved drugs and select the combination most likely to provide the best outcome based on your genomic test results. CureMatch provides a clear report of ranked combination drug therapies targeting your cancer at the genomic level, regardless of where the cancer started in your body. This report is designed to provide the concise, actionable knowledge and insights your oncologist or care team needs to make the most appropriate decisions for your upcoming cancer drug treatment.


Step 1: Tissue/Liquid Biopsy Procedure (at your hospital or clinic)
Step 2: Tumor Profiling/Sequencing (by a tumor profiling/sequencing lab)
Step 3: CureMatch Analysis/Ranking Report (performed by CureMatch)
Step 4: CureMatch Report sent to you and your doctor
Step 5: You and your doctor choose a treatment

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