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Bio-Enhanced R-Lipoic Acid (100 mg)

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Size: 120 Capsules

Bio-Enhanced R-Lipoic Acid in the form of Na RALA has demonstrated superior bio-availability, stability, and potency.

The primary benefit of the completely water-soluble salt is that high blood and tissue levels can be achieved rapidly. Bio-Enhanced R-Lipoic Acid may deliver all the health benefits of lipoic acid; antioxidant protection and efficient energy production and may result in an increased sense of well-being and improved health-span for regular consumers.

This proprietary stabilization process converts the biologically active, natural “R” form of lipoic acid to sodium-R-lipoic acid (Na RLA), which, in a recent human study achieved 40 times higher peak blood levels than pure R-lipoic acid.

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