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35 mg Full Spectrum 2:1 (1 Fluid Ounce)

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With 23mg of CBD and 12mg of CBDA (35 mg total) in each 1.0 ml serving, this soothing raw hemp formula gives you the best of both worlds without sacrificing one for the other. We combined our CBD and CBDA to give you the full suite of benefits from both major cannabinoids to minimize anxiety and maximize rest.

This Full Spectrum 2:1 CBD:CBDA contains 700mg of CBD, 350mg of CBDA and over 1200mg of total cannabinoids per tincture, sourced from farmers in Ashland, Oregon and bottled by scientists who believe in staying as true to the plant as possible. The result is a deeply effective formula made of two forms of high-quality hemp extract and organic carrier oils. We don’t meddle with hemp by adding any chemicals (including artificial flavor) or compounds that could impact its natural intended effect, so you can enjoy all the raw, natural benefits and taste.